Online Doctorate Degree

Online doctoral degrees are the highest level of education available in the United States. With an online doctoral degree, you can look forward to the highest possible salaries and the most job opportunities. If you have the determination and the drive to earn your doctoral degree online or on-campus, you can join the ranks of the top 2% of Americans in terms of education.

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Benefits of a Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree is by no means a simple thing to get. But if you have the four to eight years to put towards high-level classes, in-depth research, and a dissertation or doctoral project, you can earn one of the most prestigious degrees awarded in America. People with doctoral degrees earned about $1,664 per week in 2016. That’s even more than people with professional degrees like medical degrees and law degrees. People with doctoral degrees also enjoyed an extremely low unemployment rate of just 1.6% in 2016 (was 2.5% in 2009). Compare that to the unemployment rate of people with only a high school diploma of 5.2%. The simple fact of the matter is that people with doctoral degrees have proven their dedication to their field of study and their extensive knowledge of that field. Therefore, people who hold doctorates are extremely employable and well-paid.